Corporate Wellness Program

Corporate Wellness Program

  • Increased employee Productivity
  • Increased employee Energy
  • Decreased sick days
  • Improved respect and appreciation for employer
  • Improved client / customer relationships
  • Competitive edge in your industry
  • Tax benefits
  • Enhanced employee wellness
  • Employee / customer incentive
  • Increased staff morale

Once you have your own Robotic Automated Massage Chair, your sales figures will go up, even doubling… as those days when your sales staff feels in a groggy mood or they just can’t get themselves over the “cloudiness” of the particular day… are over! When your sales staff has such bad days, all they will need is 5 or 10 (or even 15) minutes in your Massage Chair, and they will feel refreshed, rejuvenated, just like as if they had just had a 4-hour nap! They will feel super-energetic, like they can catch the birds in their flights! Not only they will feel like they can do any amount of work, but they will create new sales leads, they will produce record sales numbers like never before.

Oh, and the cost of your Corporate Massage Chair is a 100% tax write-off. It is an accessory to enhance your corporate income, therefore it is part of your business.

We have a Lease Program available only for businesses. Why not take advantage of it today and start reaping the benefits of it now?

About Us

Canada's Premium Massage Chair store. We are not only providing our customers with the best Therapeutic Robotic Automated Massage Chairs, but we are helping them achieve a more satisfying and better life. By using our range of Massage Chairs you will live a higher quality life by relieving pain, melting away stress, feel more relaxed and more rejuvenated every day.

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