Health facts

Health facts

Massage therapy heals. Stress creates the imbalance in the body in the nervous system.

Massage reverses that imbalance and creates balance in the body.

Someone asked: "What is Shiatsu?"

Shiatsu is a Japanese form of massage - most popular modern forms of massage originates from it.

In Japanese "Shi" means "finger" and "Atsu" means "pressure". So, Shiatsu translates word-by-word as "finger pressure."

And if you've ever had a real Shiatsu massage from a trained and experienced massage therapist, you know just how wonderful this treatment can be.

  • You can feel the blood rushing to your muscles...
  • The tension is draining out of your body...
  • Painful joints and back muscles finally give in to relaxing and they're allowing you to enjoy yourself once again.

Many of our high quality robotic massage chairs were designed to give you a thorough Shiatsu Massage (amongst other things). Our massage chairs have multiple massage styles and massage settings.

But, of course, a high-quality massage chair by Super Massage Canda offers quite a few advantages over a "hands-on" Shiatsu massage.

  1. Your massage chair never gets tired... and it can continue to massage your whole body or just your problem areas for as long as you need it to.
  2. Your massage chair has multiple settings for intensity and stimulation, putting you in complete control of how much pressure you want, for how long and to what effect.
  3. Your massage chair can hit many parts of your body at the same time.
  4. Purchasing your own Massage Chair costs much less than hiring a massage therapist (as often as you will use your Massage Chair).

A well trained Shiatsu massage therapist will charge, at a minimum, $130 for an hour of massage.

Even if you just get one massage a week for a whole year, that's 52 massages × $130 = $6,760.00 — not to mention the cost of the fuel (to get to the massage therapist) and your vehicle's wear-and-tear, the energy you need to pretty yourself up, freeze in the winter or sweat in the summer, etc.

With a high-quality massage chair, you can (like I do) have a full body Shiatsu massage *every single day* for as long as you want, for years and years and years, for just a few thousand dollars... and have your investment completely covered by a rock-solid guarantee.

My massage therapist friends don't like it when I mention this fact; but it seems to me that the best "hands-on" massage is actually "hands-free".

  • Release of stress and total relaxation - It's actually pretty common to fall asleep while using your own robotic massage chair!
  • Loosening of tightness and stiffness in your muscles - you may feel like a limp rag doll when you finish your new massage chair session.
  • Lymph and blood flow improvement - Lymph and blood work together to get harmful toxins out of the body. When the muscles are worked intensely, the result is better lymph and blood flow with more toxins flushed from your body. This process can normalize your blood pressure, as well!
  • More optimal healing - By increasing your body's blood flow, you are sending more oxygen to your tissues. Since oxygen is essential to healing, you will see any areas of concern healing much faster.
  • Fewer muscle spasms - Perhaps you already know how great your muscles feel after a massage with a licensed massage therapist. Knots and spasms disappear, along with stiff and tight muscles. This is the experience you can expect with your own massage recliner.
  • Improved flexibility - Massage is relaxing. It will allow you to move about more freely. You can test yourself by a simple exercise like touching your toes before your massage recliner session and again when you finish. You may be surprised at the dramatic improvement in movement.
  • Raising your endorphins - Your own body produces pain relievers naturally. Three very effective ways to raise your endorphin levels are to use massage, chiropractic manipulation, or exercise.
  • Better breathing is possible - Your breathing can be restricted by tight muscles around your ribs without you realizing it. Your massage recliner will work those muscles that have been keeping you from breathing deeply. After a session on your chair, test yourself with a deep breath. You may be surprised at how improved your breathing has become.
  • Lessened neck and back pain - Tight muscles cause many of the aches and pains in your body. By using your massage recliner to relax those muscles you will find many painful areas resolving almost instantly and magically. This can lead to...
  • Better (and more correct) posture - In response to pain, many musculo-skeletal pain sufferers end up with poor posture. The posture a person assumes unconsciously to avoid pain adversely affects all the surrounding muscles, bones, and ligaments. Regular use of your new massage chair will gradually improve your posture. Even after one session you will notice that you are more flexible and standing straighter.
  • Degenerative arthritis prevention - By placing more pressure abnormally on portions of the body through poor posture, degenerative arthritis can result. The force of gravity on areas that are not designed for such pressure begins to adversely affect the bones. By using your chair, you will enjoy fewer aches and pains, especially if you are over 40 years of age. The sessions will help you get your body back into the position it was designed to perform in.
  • Sense of well-being - By enjoying the changes that come from relaxed muscles, higher endorphin levels and increased blood and lymph flow, you will feel like a new person. With improved posture you will even look younger and experience a new glow. Your whole life can be improved by regular use of your new robotic massage chair.

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