Just imagine!

You sit down… nice and comfy. The automated Massage Chair automatically puts you in a Zero-Gravity position, just like how the astronauts are positioned when they are shot into space.

Following comes an indescribable series of events whereby a set of heated rollers will roll on the sole of your foot, a set of airbags will nicely ‘kneed' your calves, your thighs, your buttocks, your hip, your waist, your lower back, your entire back, your neck, your head (even your temples), your shoulders, your upper arm, your lower arm and your hands… ALL in the same time!

Have you ever had a nice massage by a professional massage therapist? Do you remember how lovely it was?

Well, now you can get that same amazing massage in the comfort of your own home; the same thing, except TEN TIMES that. All "10 masseurs" are working away diligently with their 20 hands and arms in the most optimal method… Oh my! It's something that no words can describe! From just a mere 5 minutes of massage you feel like you've just had a 4-hour nap! Suddenly you feel refreshed, revitalized and… just very happy and content! The result of this super-awesome massage puts you in a mood like you've just returned from a week's vacation in the sun… you are smiling, you feel full of energy and you are ready to spin the World! Your work performance has just quadrupled, you are ready to take on the largest work load ever in history and you are super nice to everyone around you… and it's contagious; everyone smiles back at you… and they all wonder what on Earth has just happened to you that put you in that super-nice mood. WOW! The World has just become a better place!

Your kids just got home from school, they are screeching, yelling, the news is full of terrible stories, the road has more pot holes than ever… but, it all sounds to you as music, as you have not the smallest problems anywhere. The world is just very peaceful and you are having the best day in your life.

Later on you go to the gym, having a great workout whereby your muscles are quite tense. You take a quick shower and have a pleasant 5 minute massage session in your Massage Chair… erasing the tenseness from all your muscles. You will soon be having the most pleasant dinner you've ever had. You are realizing that everything tastes better than ever before! What a lovely dinner!

When the night falls, you go to sleep, smiling, feeling like you are on a cloud… falling asleep like a baby. And the next morning you wake up, hardly believing that you actually had the best day of your life… thanks to your new Robotic Massage Chair. Welcome to the world of living a pleasantly wonderful more productive life!


The World's Best Massage Chair

Further advantages of the BTA-10 Robotic Massage Chair

  • Activates the entire body and relieve tiredness quickly.
  • Excellent body shaper melts away mass body fat.
  • Soothes insomnia efficiently, helps you unwind.
  • Known to have alleviated depression.
  • Stimulates the intestines and enhances digestion.
  • Increases and improves blood flow.
  • Relieves from the aches and pains associated with arthritis.
  • Reduces daily stress levels and increases your capability to respond appropriately to stressful situations.
  • It's like having your own Massage Therapist available 24/7.
  • Limits employee-benefits submissions and claims.

Your Robotic Massage Chairs can help to improve blood flow within the body, which is beneficial in a number of ways. Since the bloodstream and lymph system help to remove toxins from the body, a therapeutic massage will help to increase the flow of blood and lymphatic fluid, which in turn will help to increase the removal of toxins from your body. You will also notice improved healing, because when the flow of blood is optimized, more beneficial oxygen reaches organs and tissues, promoting faster healing of illness and injury.


What our clients say


I've had the BTA-10 now for two weeks, and both I and my wife absolutely love it. We use it two or three times a day, every single day. It's absolutely fantastic in the morning, you know how tense your muscles are when you wake up! Then, when we get home from work, it's like we are in Heaven! When my children and grand kids came over for the weekend, they were literally fighting for time in our Massage Chair! I wish we knew it existed before! We cannot imagine life without it!

Tom - Toronto

I don't know if it's OK to say this... but my husband has been a much more pleasant person ever since we bought our Massage Chair. I don't mean that he was awful or anything like that before, but since he's had two massages a day in our new BTA-10, he is like I got a new husband! I don't know what to say, it's probably thanks to his arthritis pains reduced, almost gone. It's incredible to see him finally fully enjoying life without any pains. Whenever he feels a little pain (here and there), he just sits in our massage chair (he calls it "Massage Heaven"), and 15 minutes later his pains are gone. Thank you a million times, you not only gave us a super massage chair, but you improved our marriage as well!

Gord B. - Calgary

Oh my! Every time I turn it on, it dies wonders to my entire body! I believe I would be sick more often if I did not have my Massage Chair. I have tried other ones before and I can tell with absolute certainty that this Massage Chair is the absolute best one in the world!

Mike S. - Edmonton

My rheumatoid arthritis pain and inflammation is gone since buying and using my BTA-10 Robotic Massage Chair. I am also off all my prescription medications. Thanks for such an amazing massage chair.

Peter K. - Montreal

The BTA-10 exceeded my expectations. You made a friend and a very happy customer. It's worth double its price! My back pains are gone, and I am a happy camper, not to mention my entire family who now use it regularly whenever they are over.

George W. - Vancouver

We've just got our new Massage Chair from you... and while I was somewhat skeptical, I was also hopeful it will feel as good as my friends ecstatically told me about how it will feel when I will have my own Massage Chair (not just using theirs when I happen to be there). So, anyway, when the delivery people finally put it together and left, I decided to try one of the automated programs. I sat down, pushed the button and it "went" to work on my body.

I practically want to cry this feels so good!!! I can actually feel sensations all the way to the outside of my shoulders when it hits those triggers... and my feet... Just AWESOME!!! It almost feels like my nerves are coming alive again, and it truly is an amazing feeling – it's hard to describe how life-like the massage felt. I feel so my better physically! This chair gave me a massage that went way above my expectations. What this Massage Chair means to me is that I can be “Mom” again at the end of the day and play with my children instead of being so sore and tired all the time. It's like getting my life back. I can't thank you guys enough! Thanks a million!!! I love you guys!

Judith S. - Ottawa

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